Sunday, 12 May 2013

Blog #10 Spring Races

Time to blog again. I ran a few races in the past few weeks, and I also have my next two major races planned out. 3 weeks ago was Toronto Yonge Street 10k. This was the race where I was injured in last year after running a pretty strong race. Thankfully I didn't suffer the same fate this year. The elite field was very similar to last year, the main difference was Eric Gillis instead of Reid Coolsaet. I knew he and Kip Kangogo would be tough to beat, so I made it my goal to be top 3. I almost did, finishing a few seconds behind Sami Jibril, winner of the Harry Spring run off a few weeks earlier. I was okay with that result. Interestingly, in my last 3 road races that I also ran last year, I was a few seconds off my time from last year, but despite that I finished exactly one place higher in each of those races. Of course I'd rather be running faster than last year, but it's nice to get a little more prize money. I'm not too worried about the hardly statistically significant slower times. I feel as though my training is going well. Last week I decided to run a track 10k in London. It turned out to be more of a tough tempo run though. I think it was a combination of a high mileage week and the Speed River speedy manure fundraiser involving some manual labour and being out in the sun the previous two days that wasn't exactly the best preparation for a race. So I wasn't exactly peaking for it, but I would've liked to look a bit more competitive than I was. I felt flat within the first few km's of the race, and struggled to just barely get under 31 minutes. (2012 ATB first 30k was 30:45 to put that into some perspective) I won't worry too much though. Having one bad race in between some solid consistent racing and workouts doesn't concern me too much. I still have confidence heading into my next races.

I'm kind of excited because I'm going to travel a bit for my next 2 races. The last week of May, I will be racing  Bolder Boulder 10k in Colorado. Canada is sending a team of 3 guys and 3 girls. This is the race I had to drop out of last year because of injury, so I really wanted to do this race this year. It seems like a great race, and since its over 5000 ft altitude, times are irrelevant. I kind of like the idea of not worrying about a PB, but just going out there and racing. I plan to convince my self that altitude doesn't affect me as much as it does for most people, and I should place pretty well. I was considering with my coach about the possibility of running Ottawa marathon, but after thinking about it for quite a while, and praying about it, I decided that it would be best to wait until the fall for a marathon, and do a proper build up for it over the summer. This Colorado race will be a valuable experience for me to race against some international competition. After Boulder, I'll have 4 weeks until my next race in Vancouver, where I'll be running a half marathon. Then I'll probably take a down week or two, and start building up for a marathon debut, which will likely be Toronto Waterfront Marathon. I'm excited to see what God has in store for me the rest of the year, and thankful that I am injury free. It's been a fairly decent spring so far. Not to mention, the Leafs made the playoffs! Last time that happened I don't think I hit puberty yet!

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